Welcome to Mobile Monday Michigan

Mobile Monday Michigan is a collection of Mobile Monday chapters in Michigan, including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and soon others.

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Mobile Monday Michigan strives to be Michigan’s premiere mobile networking and information authority for the mobile industry. Come network with industry executives and hear Mobile leaders speak about compelling issues surrounding market strategies, current trends and revenue generating momentum in the Mobile Industry. Join one or more of these meetup groups:

Mobile Web Capabilities

The mobile web is driving innovation on the Internet. With the advent and inclusion of HTML 5, CSS3, and new Javascript frameworks, browser functionality is reaching new heights. Visit these demo apps on iPad, Mobile Safari (iPhone), and desktop Webkit browsers to see the amazing functionality available to modern mobile websites:

Modern Mobile browser demos

Desktop Browser usage (webkit=better): Safari works best, Google Chrome a close second. Works very poorly on Firefox and not at all on Internet Explorer.